See our Time Elapse Garden Install



Their family craft projects were incorporated!


Grass as far as the eye can see…
…and then the grass was left unwatered.
Starting the project: clear the lot.
Bringing in the stackables.
Painters paper to help with weed suppression.
Progress Report: all going smoothly.
Mulched planting beds.
Planted and project complete. The plants look small, don’t they? See the next couple of photos for growth comparison in just over a year.
Salvia in bloom.


Spring 2017 – Palo verde in bloom

My clients installed a mostly native garden in 2015. I designed it, and John Corning of KellyGRN installed the garden. It replaced a well-watered swath of grass and now the couple sit outside and enjoy the natural beauty of their park-like setting.

The client put together the video to show the garden progress over time, and I have included those, along with photos of the Before-During-After stages.