I’m all for climate-appropriate gardening

Native plants are the best choice for gardens – for the planet, for lovers of gardening, for all of us.

I have lived in the Golden State off and on since I was five and got involved in native plant gardening in 2003. My focus for over ten years of professional landscape design services and consulting was on helping HOAs and individual homeowners to convert their landscapes to beautiful and ecologically beneficial gardens.

My formal retirement began on January 1, 2024, and now I focus solely on my own garden and those of a few family and friends. But I have not lost my interest and appreciation for the opportunity I had as a Landscape Designer and Consultant in California Native Plants.

My first customer:

Kelly Tarbox, Chula Vista, CA: “This is taking your love of gardening to new levels. I would be pleased to be one of your first clients.” And that is how it all got started.